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by Bobby Tsui on 2nd April 2015

Buyer personas are the foundation for an optimized marketing campaign. As fictional representations of your ideal customer, they make it easy to refine your marketing strategy accordingly.

5 Quick Buyer Persona Tips For Your Next Home Builder Website Design

 home builder website designBuyer personas are the foundation for an optimized marketing campaign. As fictional representations of your ideal customer, they make it easy to refine your marketing strategy accordingly. So doesn’t it make sense to cater your next home builder website design to these buyer personas?

Many builders and remodelers try to be all things to all people and find it hard to really focus or succeed at serving narrowly defined market segments. Remodelers don’t necessarily intend to be all things; it just sort of happens from a lack of focus and a prospect on the phone asking for some help in an area that’s not really the business’ thing.

While it may seem like growth to take on a new client, if that client isn’t a good fit, it can actually stunt real growth. In some cases, trying to work with clients who are not ideal clients can lead to such a bad experience for both your business and the client that you actually create vocal detractors for your business.

Most builders are best suited to serve a narrowly defined market segment – a sweet spot. This doesn’t mean the sweet spot won’t grow, evolve and change altogether over time, but at any given time there exists a set, ideal client for most builders. Take these 5 buyer persona tips to get a rock solid website that attracts your ideal website visitor and converts them into leads.

1) Pinpoint Your Buyer Persona 

It is a good idea to consult whom ever it is that deal directly with clients or prospects. Start by understanding commonalities among your client base and conduct surveys and interviews in order to thoroughly identify the demographics and behaviors that make up your ideal audience.

Ask questions like:

  • What is your persona’s job level?
  • What does your persona value most?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their common objections?
  • What does a typical day in their life look like?

2) Include Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Links On Your Homepage home builder website design Remember those childhood books that let you choose your own adventure depending on what superhero mood you were in? That’s right. When you have multiple buyer personas, you can let each one of them self-identify and click through to a page with content that speaks specifically to that buyer persona’s interests and needs.

You can create specific pages and content for home buyers who are looking for a specific lifestyle choice for their homes. You may find that you have both the “Green Conscious Larry” and “Luxurious Mary” personas in your target market that you might want to cater to. You can provide specific videos, floor plans, and targeted offers to each of them.

But what about if your website visitors completely miss the chance to self-identify? Maybe they came in through your blog article from search and completely bypassed those links.

2) Separate Content In Resource Centers

If you already have a bunch of content in the form of ebooks, you can categorize that content by buyer personas. Create categories of content for each of your personas in addition to the general content you provide, and bucket that persona-based content under those categories for visitors to sort through.

3) Create Buyer Persona Specific Category Tags For Your Blog

Whenever you produce fresh content for your blog, you can create separate category tags for each of your buyer personas. This allows your audience to self-identify and select what content they wish to read.

4) Divide Your Case Studies

If you have case studies for remodeling projects and others for custom built homes, then this is an opportunity to divide the case studies for your audience.

5) Optimize Your Calls-To-Action

Last but not least, you need to tailor your calls-to-action for your segmented audience. If you have dedicated persona pages, then it makes sense to include specific copy that helps that person take the next step with a consultation.

Accurate personas are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. They’re not something that’ll be created overnight, as a thorough amount of data and information is needed in order to create content and marketing material that truly resonates with the right audience.

When you have the right buyer personas identified, you can give them names like “Green Conscious Larry” or “Budget Conscious Mary”. Now, everything you do online, any content you put out will be targeted towards these personas.

This article covers step 2 out of 4 to effectively close more homes and clientele with inbound marketing. 

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