Custom Home Builder Sees 740% Increase In Qualified Leads

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About Foley Development Group, LLC

Foley Development Group, LLC is a custom home builder and remodeler that designs, builds, and remodels homes in Northern Virginia. For 39 years, the company has built a reputation for professionalism, honesty, quality, efficiency, and value with an extensive list of satisfied clients. After 4 decades of quality performance, they have received dozens of awards including several New Home and Renovations 1st place awards nationwide in their respective categories. It’s a true testament to their obsession with perfection.

Foley Development Group has a long history of building quality homes and performing beautiful remodels for residents in the Northern Virginia area. Over the years, a change in ownership in the family business led to a restructuring of the company’s operations. As demand for custom homes grew, the Foley team had to explore new marketing channels to get their message across outside of the tried and true approaches of past client referrals and networking.


The company set out with a goal to transition their product from selling 80% of remodels to building custom homes. This initiative required a fresh stream of qualified new home construction leads and they began searching for a partner who could quickly help them grow their new home construction starts.

What We Did…


Upon starting with Inbound Mill, a website redesign had already been in progress. Instead of starting from scratch, the design team at Inbound Mill restructured the website to focus on the company’s new positioning as a custom home builder.  In order to make sure that the website was speaking to new home buyers of custom homes, a series of past client interviews were conducted with the company’s recent new home construction clients. The purpose was to map out the buyer persona of their ideal client and create messaging and content that resonated at every stage of the buying process. After developing the buyer persona, new website changes were in order: new web copy was written, navigation menu items were added, unnecessary pages were deleted, and a lot of relevant content was produced.


Search Engine Optimization


The new website had to be SEO friendly to the search engines, so that important pages meant to drive traffic from qualified visitors were indexed on the first page of Google. A company blog was created so that each new page of content created was an opportunity to rank for the questions that prospects were asking online. In addition, an influencer outreach campaign was launched to acquire worthy opportunities to guest blog on other sites. Guest blogging helped the company website to acquire authoritative mentions that increased the website’s rankings in the search engines.


After just 6 months of working with Inbound Mill, organic traffic now makes up the largest source of traffic for Foley Development Group, with a staggering 11,130% increase in organic traffic.


Email Marketing and Social Media


To keep traffic levels up, more than one channel was utilized. One of the best ways to continually be in front of your new leads is through a blog update email that goes out to your blog subscribers once a week. A cycle of promotion was created by publishing weekly blog posts, distributing it throughout social media and email, and driving visitors back to the website and blog to download new premium content ebook offers. Their most popular ebook is a custom home process guide that informs leads about the custom home building process in Northern Virginia. Since launching email marketing, the Foley team’s email campaigns have led to a boost in traffic by 2,500%.


The company’s social media channels have also become referring sources of qualified leads. They now have accumulated thousands of organic, targeted followers on Pinterest and Twitter alone. They also have new segmented lists of prospects on Facebook who they can run a promotion to at any time to drive new targeted leads. Social media has contributed a 5,900% increase in traffic to the website.

"I have been incredibly impressed with what they were able to do for my company's online presence in such a short amount of time. When we started my company was almost non-existent online, now we are ranked towards the top in our industry in both search and social media. I would highly recommend Bobby and his firm."


Kyle Foley

Managing Partner



After working with Inbound Mill for 6 months, Foley Development Group was already seeing tangible results.


Thanks to social media activity, improved search rankings, and strategic email campaigns, Foley Development Group was able to reposition their brand presence and be seen as an authoritative voice in the custom home building industry. As a result, they saw a 740% increase in the number of qualified leads being generated. The company has already seen a 133% ROI, however, this was just step one.


To reach Foley Development’s biggest goal of increasing their volume of new home construction starts, a search engine optimization push was initiated. To help new custom home prospects find the company, certain priority keywords needed to be ranked on the 1st page of Google. New guest blogging campaigns were launched that promoted infographics and new home construction guides that bloggers loved to write about. Since the push, Foley Development Group is now on the 1st page of Google for their priority keywords in the Northern Virginia area as well as Google’s 3 pack of local listings.


Overall Foley Development Group has seen the benefits of inbound marketing. They have been able to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. It’s only a matter of time until all of their acquired assets produce consistent dividends in the form of long term leads and clients.