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by Bobby Tsui on 12th January 2015

Building home builder blogs starts with creating great content that is written for the homeowner and then optimized for the search engines to find it.

Home Builder Blogs: How To Create & Maintain Your Blog

home builder blogs Building home builder blogs starts with creating great content that is written for the homeowner and then optimized for the search engines to find it.

We should think of it like writing chapters that could eventually be packaged up into a book. This book will serve as your statement of authority that drives visitors to your site and do business with you.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is essential to getting found. It is more than likely that as a business owner you have all the frequently asked questions from your buyers stored in your brain.

This is an advantage AND an asset that most homebuilders and remodelers don’t think about leveraging for internet marketing. When you can identify how your buyers behave and what types of questions they submit to Google, you’ll be able to set up shop where it counts.

Instead of starting with keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Wordstream, you should first get out a sheet of paper and critically think about the kinds of questions your buyers would ask.

Content Calendar

When you have the questions identified and you further researched them against keywords that have considerable search volume (utilizing keyword tools online), then now it’s time to think about strategy. How many times per month do you plan to blog? A good rule of thumb is to post 2X per week which is 8 blog posts per month. These posts should also be categorized into topics. For example:

  1. Month One: What people should consider when purchasing a new home.
  2. Month Two: Cost of ownership
  3. Month Three: What kinds of homes to look for

Set quarterly goals to review your progress and see which blog posts are performing the best. Your next quarterly blog posts should be data driven from the previous 3 months.

Calls-To-Action When you have people flocking to your site, they are usually in the awareness stage of the buying process. To close the inbound marketing loop, you must convert those visitors into leads. A lead is just a warm prospect who has raised their hand to give you permission to market to them.

This is usually achieved through a white paper download such as “5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Home”. If the offer is enticing enough, visitors will gladly give up their contact details and email addresses in exchange for the value. A great place to position this offer is at the end of each blog post.

Promote Your Posts

Be sure to promote your posts every time you complete them. This ensures you cover a wider surface area in order to be found. Don’t just post to your home builder Facebook page. There are other social networks that you can tap into such as Google + and Pinterest.

Follow these guidelines to improve your home builder blog creation and maintenance for a successful experience online. You don’t have to get everything right in one go. Nail down one step of the process and commit to a time on your calendar to keep the process moving until you have a complete blogging plan.

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