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by Bobby Tsui on 12th January 2015

Home Builder SEO in 2015 will be easy as long as you are cognizant of the important things that give you the juice to rank higher in the search engines.

Home Builder SEO: 4 Things Google Wants You To Know In 2015

photo-1414073875831-b47709631146 (1) Home Builder SEO in 2015 will be easy as long as you are cognizant of the important things that give you the juice to rank higher in the search engines.

New Google Algorithm Update

Google already confirmed the newest algorithm update with Penguin 3.0 back in October of 2014. The purpose of that update was to fight spammy websites that abuse Google’s guidelines about linking.

One of the most important indicators of a website’s ranking is how much clout your website has in relation to say…your competitor’s website. The way for Google to determine that is by counting how many links your website has that go directly to another website with a lot of authority, like the Huffington Post or Wikipedia.

Many SEO companies have abused this ranking factor by building numerous links for businesses which go to places that either don’t relate to your business or have any authority. So apparently, the latest Penguin 3.0 update was STILL updating which means that in 2015 there could be more in store for us before 4.0 is released.

Brand Mentions 

This pertains to the previous point about the harmful effects of bad practices with backlinking and Google’s effort to eradicate them. What you should probably see more of, in effect, are SEO companies chasing the lower hanging fruit by getting brand mentions. This is just a mention of your brand on a high authority website without a link that goes back to your website.

Still powerful, and it also poses a lower risk in the meantime while Google updates its algorithm to combat what it thinks are spammy links.

Mobile-Device Friendly Website

You probably already know that making your website friendly on a mobile device is a better user experience, but also keep in mind that it’s going to help you get found better in search. If you have searched for anything in Google on your smartphone in the past few months, you may have noticed that underneath the listing and URL it says “mobile-friendly” if the website is optimized for mobile devices.

Google has also publicly stated on their blog that they are experimenting with including this as a factor in ranking your website.

Integrating Your Content Across Multiple Channels

Personalized content is getting more prevalent as businesses who do business online have more tools to capture data about their customers. This gives us an opportunity to create rock-solid content that almost feels like we’re offering high-touch, concierge services. Google favors unique and publisher-worthy content as the king of all ranking factors. Therefore, it only makes sense that smarter home builders will integrate their personalized content unique to each and every different channel or platform that reaches their customers.

That’s the gist of how SEO will look and feel in 2015. It’s about doing away with spammy links and incorporating a holistic feel for your readers and customers by way of personalized content, whether they are reading your helpful content on Facebook or looking at your idea books on Houzz using their mobile phones.

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