Build Your Dream Business

Inbound Mill helps builders and remodelers take their sales process online so they can scale their operations for increased revenues and profits.

Get The Competitive Edge With Our Holistic Marketing Approach

We’re your strategic partners. That’s why when it comes to growing your business, we make sure we don’t just attract homeowners to your business, we also help you convert them into qualified leads and nurture them into raving fans using automated technology.


That’s right-- we don’t leave any open loops in your marketing.


We don’t value a one-off project offering like a portfolio website design. It doesn’t help you achieve ROI and it certainly doesn’t help us develop raving fan client relationships.

A Strategy Blueprint That Procures Qualified Clients Online

For every client, we architect a custom blueprint that breaks down how your automated marketing engine disqualifies prospects who think you’re too expensive and attracts and responds to ideal prospects so they can reach a point of sales engagement with you. This is a live, documented plan that serves as the compass for your business growth.

Leave The Implementation Up To Us

Our partnership doesn’t need, involve, or require you to do any of the implementation to procure qualified clients. We have certain software tools we use to get results, so we can help you get up and running as quickly as possible whether we’re using award-winning software like Hubspot or another tool that automagically facilitates your unique message to hundreds of prospects at a time.

Your Message Embedded In The Content We Create

Today’s homeowners demand high quality content that helps them solve, prevent, or alleviate pain points. Our writers are perfectly versed in your industry’s topics that result in remarkable content in the form of blogs, infographics, website content, and ebooks. Need to present and showcase your latest historic restoration as a case study? Check. Need help explaining the custom home building process in a visual way? We can help.

Getting Your Message To Your Market

Getting the right message in front of the right market is the cornerstone of your success. After we create helpful content, we need to use that content to attract qualified prospects and guide them to a point of sales engagement. We look for authority figures with valuable media properties on the web to secure honorable mentions--all for driving valuable traffic to the content living on your website and blog. We also leverage social media properties and email marketing campaigns to boost your reach. Ask us about paid advertising, too.

Optimizing Your Visibility With Local SEO

As you can tell by now, we’re not a one-trick SEO pony, but we absolutely incorporate local search engine optimization into your strategy. We’ll help you choose and optimize the keywords on your website-- this allows your prospects to find your most valuable services when they open up their browsers and start searching.

Filling Your Backlog Through Lead Generation

There is a science behind creating and presenting an offer that is remarkable enough for your prospects to convert on. Doing a whole house remodel can be one of the biggest decisions a family can make. We help you convert your prospects into leads with enticing calls to action, landing pages, and constant monitoring of the data gathered to improve visitor behavior.

Complimenting Your Work With Beautiful Graphic Design

Your projects deserve the best photography, but they also need to be presented within the context of a modern website and sleek graphic design. Everything we create, from ebooks to how your photography is presented, represents your brand to portray the unique value offered to homeowners.

A Website With Curb Appeal

We know how important it is to have a website with the right content management solutions to help you win more jobs and showcase your beautiful projects. We offer beautiful website design to provide the frame that your projects need for showcasing.

Helping You Measure Your Key Performance Indicators

When all of our online efforts are humming along, you’ll want to see the numbers that paint this progress into an ROI that translates into remodels sold. We’ll tell you exactly which of your leads are qualified and which online channels they came from. You’ll also want to know which pieces of content they were attracted to and how much time they spent reading it. Knowing which metrics to keep an eye on is different for every industry. Luckily, we speak contractor. We’ll give you the reporting you need to gauge the health of your sales and marketing efforts.

We Love Our Clients

We have developed a process that ensures your milestones are reached and bottlenecks are removed. Things always happen--that’s why we focus on opening up the communication lines so that your account manager and the point of contact at your company are always on the same page. We want to make sure you know what to expect at all times.

Our Retainer Pricing Model

Inbound Mill’s marketing programs are serviced as retainers. Our campaigns are proven and priced to deliver an ROI for your company. Ask us about a customized program for your marketing and sales goals.